Transistor BC547 working principle operation applications (pin configuration, equivalent circuit etc)

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Introduction to Transistor BC547 working principle of operation:

  • Transistor BC547 working principle is same as any other ordinary transistor.
  • There are three terminals in transistor BC547 - emitter, base and collector.
  • Emitter is the supplier of the majority charge carriers, which is collected at the collector terminal of the transistor.
  • Connections of transistor BC547 is made up in the same way as any other transistor. No special pin configuration is needed by the transistor.
  • There are two types of BC547 transistors: BC547 npn transistor and BC547 pnp transistor.
  • In npn BC547 transistor majority charge carriers are electrons and in pnp BC547 transistor majority charge carriers are holes.
  • Emitter base terminal is generally forward biased and base collector terminals are reverse biased. 
Transistor BC547 circuit project using LED.
Transistor BC547 working principle

Transistor BC547 pin configuration:

  • Transistor BC547 pin configurations is shown in figure.
  • Left most leg of the terminal as shown in figure is emitter.
  • Middle terminal of BC547 is base terminal.
  • Right most terminal of BC547 transistor is collector.
  • The flat portion of the transistor as shown in figure must be facing you, than you start naming terminal from the left end of the transistors.

Transistor BC547 applications:

  • Transistor BC547 applications are similar as other simple transistors.
  • Transistor BC547 can be used as a switch.
  • BC547 transistor performs the working of switching in the electronic circuits.
  • It is also used for amplification purposes. It is used as amplifier transistor as well.
  • Transistor BC547 pin configuration
  • Many electronic projects use BC547 transistor in their pcb circuit board. Wonderful electronics projects can be made by employing BC547 transistors in them.

Transistor BC547 equivalent circuit as a switch:

  • Figure at the right side of this paragraph is showing a circuit made up of transistor BC547.
  • In this circuit BC547 is used as a switch.
  • The upper terminal of transistor known as collecctor is connected to Vcc power supply.
  • Base of the transistor provides the switching signal.
  • Emitter of BC547 transistor is connected to the ground terminal.
Transistor BC547 as a switch
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