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Ultrasonic transducer is the transducer which converts ultrasonic sound into electrical signals. The basic of this technology can be traced back to the bats mammal. They used these techniques to see in the dark because they don’t have the eyes to see the world. Types of transducers include many types ranging from acoustic to heat sensors. Among these types of transducers, the ultrasonic transducer has developed its own important place.

How ultrasonic transducers work?

The working of ultrasonic transducer can be understood easily by thinking it as a radar. Radar mainly transmits signal in the skies to watch for planes in the air. The waves transmitted by the radar antenna are transmitted in the air. When these transmitted waves strikes on a plane or aircraft, some wave get reflected back to the radar antenna. These reflected waves are sensed by the radar receiver antenna system.

In the similar way the ultrasonic transducer also transmits wave from its transmitter. The waves transmitted by the ultrasonic transducer are above audible range of 20 khz. Commercially available ultrasonic transducers transmit waves of 20khz to 40 khz. Higher frequency ranges are also available in the market.

Ultrasonic transducer transmitter and receiver principle:

In the ultrasonic transmitter circuit the oscillator produces the waves of above 20 khz which are to be transmitted. These amplified waves are then transmitted by the ultrasonic transducer. After transmitting the ultrasonic receiver receives the reflected back ultrasonic waves. It is like a light wave is transmitted and then it reflects back by the mirror. Similarly the ultrasonic waves transmitted by transducer is transmitted and received back.

Ultrasonic transducer use application:

Distance measurement by ultrasonic transducer is a very important application of the transducer. As we have discussed above in the principle of working that the waves are transmitted and than reflected back. For this transmission and reflection back wave needs sopme time to travel this two way distance. When we know the speed of the ultrasonic wave and the time taken by it to travel, we can easily find out the distance. This is the process of distance measurement by ultrasonic transducers for distance measurement devices.

For the designing of ultrasonic transducers the help of ultrasonic datasheets can be taken. The specification like the transmitted power and the receiving power of ultrasonic transducer can be read from the manufacturer data sheet. The frequency range of transmission for the ultrasonic transducer can also be read from the datasheet. By reading these important specifications of ultrasonic transducer, the designer of the circuit can design an appropriate design essential for the circuit.

Ultrasonic transducer ppt:
The preparation of ultrasonic transducer ppt can be done by covering these important points:
Ultrasonic transducer working principle
Ultrasonic transducer transmitter and receiver circuit
Uses of ultrasonic transducer

By writing the slides on the above main topics save it as pdf and that will be ready for presentation on ultrasonic transducers.

Ultrasonic Transducer Use:

Ultrasonic transducer has found uses in medical treatment field also. Ultrasound machine which is common in hospitals can be used for seeing inside the stomach portion of the body. Ultrasound produces the images that can be used to see inside human body. BY the ultrasonic waves transmitted and received by the transducer, machine develops the images. These images can be used to image the liver, kidney, intestine and heart etc of the body. By seeing the shape of the body parts in the image doctor can predict the treatment for the ill person.

Apart from medical uses ultrasonic transducers are used in modern gadgets for security purposes. Ultrasonic transducers are also used in industry for counting purpose. Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver are placed on both side of the path. When a person or a product passes on the path the ultrasonic beam between transmitter and receiver is cut. This disruption in the ultrasonic waves is sensed by the electronic circuitry. This disruption or cutting of ultrasound signals is counted by the counter.

Ultrasonic transducer price

The price of ultrasonic transducer is not very costly. It can easily be bought in the range of few 1 to 2 dollars to high price range. The sophisticated ultrasonic transducer cost more than the cheap available transducer for student’s projects. According to the need and usage one can find easily available ultrasonic transducer in the market. The ultrasonic transducer can be bought on online websites also. By researching your need and specification, accuracy, one needs to start searching for the type of ultrasonic transducer needed by them. 
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