Future Electronics Cars

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Chapter 1
Future Electronics Cars

Once upon a time there was a man sitting on the side of a road. The man was looking like a nerd. The way he was dressed indicating that he was working in a leading technology firm. The dress code and the identity card hanging out of his pocket were indicating this. He was closely watching the cars passing in front of him. The name written on the identity card was Mr. John. From the card other information obtained was that he was a leading expert in electronics automobile industry.

John started to walk towards his house with the keys of his cars in his hands. Step by step as he was walking on the side of the road certain questions started to arise in his mind. What is the future of electronics in automobile industry? How an electronics engineer will get a bright future in the coming times? Such questions were obvious to come in his mind after he read in a newspaper that many automobile companies are planning to install new robots in place of workers in the factories.

He reached on the lane where his car was parked. After getting in the car he started it and started to roll on the road. While driving on the roads he felt the need for the development of automatic driverless cars. Recently the news was published in the newspaper that the google and Toyota is developing technologies which will make possible the development of driverless cars.

He reached home and cooked his dinner. He went to the bed room and slept on his bed thinking about the futures of the electronics in cars. The bedroom was full of latest drawings on designing of a future electronics car. These drawings were stacked on the table, hanging on the wall and everywhere in the room.

Alarm clock beeped and it was 7 am in the clock. John hurried to get ready for the work. He reached in the company by 9 am. There was a meeting in the company where the Board of directors of the company were taking suggestions for the future development in the electronics of a car.

“Have any of my leading electronics engineers got any idea on the development of electronics technologies in our cars”
“I do have an idea” John voice was heard in the board room.
“Yes, I have an idea that can change the face of this company in the market”

All the people sitting in the board room was listening to the voice of John. The voice seemed so confident as if there was not a doubt in the mind of the man who speaks this out.

“How can you change the face of company in the market” said the CEO of the company.
Rita was the CEO of the XLR automotive industries. She was a lady in her mid thirties. She was known for expertise in automobile industry higher than anyone else present. She can drive sales of the company to the levels which any company wants to achieve.

“John, I am asking you. What you can do for the electronics development in our cars?”
“I need latest features installed in our cars. We want our cars to be the latest in the competition.”

“I have been working on the latest technologies in company’s research lab and developed few game changer technologies.” John smiled while saying these words.

“Ok, tell us about these technologies.”
“I can but not in front of everyone. It is a secret and I can only tell you.”

After saying these words John came out of the board room. Higher authorities sitting in the board room got agitated by the attitude of John. Rita holds forty percent stake in the company. Her father was the owner of the company. She liked John and believed in his words.

“I believe in our leading electronics research expertise, Mr. John.”
With these words the meeting got ended up. Still the questions were revolving in everyone’s mind present in that meeting. What John has developed? What he is hiding from the board of directors of the company?

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