How to write thesis statement proposal and paper

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Thesis editing assistance and consulting tips are important to make a good report. This post discusses important help for dissertation and research paper writing.

How to write a thesis?

The post graduate degree after engineering can increase your chances to get a job in the engineering college, research centers or even in the research & development department of an industry. It also opens a gateway to pursue your dreams to get a PhD degree. The main purpose of the M.Tech or any post graduate degree in engineering is to make you capable of researching new things. That’s why the last semester out of the four semester course is assigned to only thesis work. But before getting M.Tech degree there are several road block in between. One of these blocks is Thesis or Dissertation final editing, proofreading, editing and viva.I myself have given the viva yesterday and I am happy to share my experiences with you. First of all don't get nervous. Try to be normal while giving presentation.

The important factors which are important during the viva are:

  • Power point presentation
  • Thesis report
  • Program and circuits
  • Demo of simulation
  • Results
  •  Previous work done and improvement done over it
  •  References of previously published paper

It must properly includes slides of introduction, objective of work, methodology, simulators used, results, references.

Dissertation or Thesis Report:
It must be free from any kind of writing error and the chapters must include introduction, literature review, theoretical aspects, methodology and simulation, results and conclusion, references etc.

Program and circuits:
The program written and circuit developed must be successfully simulated on any simulator or physical circuit. It must give results that are improvement over previous published work. You must be capable to reproduce it during the viva.

Demo of simulation:
The demo of program code and circuit implementation can be asked during the viva. It is done basically done to see that the results represented by you are authenticated and not fake.
It must clearly indicate that the work done by you is improvement over the previous work. The graphs should be properly marked to represent the full information.

Previous work done:
You need to represent that your work is new and better improved than the previously done work. You need to compare your results with the previous studies. This exercise is done because this is the only meaning of research that it must be new and helpful also. Nobody cares if the research work is not practical enough.

References from Published Papers:
Try to read papers related to your topic and get the new idea for improvements. The papers can be read from several online journals or from the printed copy of journal in your library. Nowadays the online subscriptions of IEEE, Springer and many more are available. You need to subscribe to access their paper. Try to develop a strong base for reading papers and developments that can be made. 

After following these steps the thesis or dissertation viva is expected to be cleared successfully. Few others factors can also come into role but the main factors are discussed above. Try to rectify mistakes related to the topics discussed first. Many people also take help from online services like consulting dissertation, editing and proofreading etc. Good luck for your presentation.

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