Generalised Theory of Electrical Machines By PS Bimbhra (pdf, ebook, free)

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Generalised Theory of Electrical Machines By PS Bimbhra

Generalised theory of electrical machines by ps bimbhra discusses about the major electrical machines. The book contains the basic concepts for construction and working for the understanding of the machines. The basic electrical machines discussed in the book are generators, motors, transformers. The further classification of the topics inside the book is done on the basis of type of machine that is dc machine, ac machine or polyphase machine.

Synchronous machine, polyphase machines topics like this are discussed in the book. The book is followed by the students of electrical engineering. The book can be used in for numerical practices as well as theoretical concepts grabbing can be done by reading this book.

The details of the book "Generalised Theory of Electrical Machines by PS Bimbhra" is given below:

Publisher: Khanna Publisher

Edition: 5

Author: P S Bimbhra

Book Type: Text Book, Non Fiction

Price: The online price of book is around Rs 275.

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