Electrical Distribution Systems by Turan Gonen (pdf download)

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Electrical Distribution Systems by Turan Gonen

Electrical Distribution Systems by Turan Gonen is the best book for undergraduate and graduate students who are studying power distribution subjects. The book discusses the analysis and designing of power distribution systems. Advanced topics also cover the numerical approach on power designing systems with the help of MATLAB.

Numerous MATLAB programs are provided in the book to understand practically the designing and analysis problems in power distribution systems. The text book on this subject was not present in the market for long time but this book when got published it filled the gap. This is a book of its own type, because the subject area it is covering is rarely covered in any other book. The book is written in a very simple manner so that it can work as a self learning aid to the students.

Details of the book are:

ISBN 0070237077
Publisher; McGraw Hill
Number of pages: 752
Cost/ Price: The new book is costing around $60, Used Book is around: $3 to $10


The download link is unauthorized. It is considered as copyright infringement. You can contact to the author (Turan Gonen) or the publisher for special permission. Otherwise you can buy the book from the leading online bookstores or from the bookstore in your near market. 
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