Wearable Electronic clothing smart textile jacket, t-shirt

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Wearable electronic clothing is not going to be the future fantasy story. Now you can find out electronics jacket, electronic t shirt in the shops. Why do we need electronic clothing? The answer is simple we need smart solutions for our problems. Once our textile industry understood this point they have started to invest in technologies that can bring this dream into reality world.
What are the examples of electronic clothing? Well electronic clothing textile is available to make your jacket, to make your t shirt and many more. Smart clothing techniques can give you advantages like, smart electronic jacket can tell you what is the temperature outside the jacket and what is the temperature maintained inside the jacket. You left your pocket open, you left your trouser unzipped, now you can get a e mail reminding you that you have forgot to zip your trousers. Isn't it a great idea? Well the interfacing of software social world websites and electronic clothing is not yet done but it is not far to be done. But today's market can provide you electronic clothing with beautiful lighting glowing designs.

But what should be the practical difficulties for electronic clothing. The difficulties are like they are costly and not easy to maintain. For example if you want to wash your electronic clothing than how will you do that? To make electronic clothing wearable many more steps are needed to be taken yet. What will be source of energy for the electronic clothing? Are you going to recharge it like your mobile phones or you are going to need a solar charger with your dresses? Just imagine carrying a charger and trying to recharge your clothes by going outside in the sun.

Medical advantages are also very vast, electronic clothing equipped with medical sensors can provide life saving information. For example what is your blood pressure, what is your heart beat, what is your glucose sugar level and many more. The sensors can sense and record abnormalities happening inside your body. This information can be life saving if the information can be sent to your doctor directly through your phone. An application is needed to be installed on your smart phone and your data will be transmitted to your hospital.

Electronic clothing is a smart textile clothing, wearable and helpful smart solution to our daily needs. some steps are required to make it more practical and cheap. For common people this will be the smartest revolution to convert them smarter by enclosing themselves in smart covering clothing. May be we are moving towards our surrogates.
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