Network Analysis and Synthesis (pdf book Chakraborty, Kuo)

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What is Electrical Network analysis and synthesis?

Electrical network analysis and synthesis is a subject in electronics and electrical engineering. Students of electronics network theory need to study this subject. What is taught in this subject? Well, the basic circuit theory and than comes little advance name in circuit theory "Network Analysis and Synthesis".

The concepts that we learn in basic circuit theory is implemented for advanced calculations in electrical circuits. Advanced calculations are needed in electrical circuit theory to analyse the circuits. Theorems used for quick calculations of electrical circuit problems are learned in this subject. 

What is the difference between  Network analysis and synthesis?

Electrical analysis deals with the analysis of current and voltage in a given circuit.

Electrical synthesis deals with the implementation of electrical circuit based on given conditions.
Network Analysis and Synthesis

Resources to study Network Analysis and Synthesis:

The resources are available on the internet, just go to google and search for “Network Analysis and Synthesis Pdf Download”. After searching you will find out links that will provide you electrical network analysis related material.

Electrical Network Analysis and Synthesis Book by Chakraborty, Network Analysis and Synthesis by Kuo, Network Analysis and Synthesis By Valkenburg are the names of some books available on the subject.
You can go to online book selling websites, buy these books from the sites. The books are helpful in understanding the subject much better.

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