Network Analysis and Synthesis D. Roy Choudhary

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Book Review:

Network analysis and synthesis by d. roy choudhary is an Electrical network analysis book. The chapters covered on the topics of network analysis and synthesis are well explained in detail with lots of electronic circuit numerical.

The chapters are in the introductory level explains the various electrical theorems. There statements and applications. Various electrical theorems are discussed in this book. If you are preparing for basic electric circuit theory than this book can give you vast exposure to the question types.

For advanced level students also this book provides advanced circuit problems. The analysis of dc as well as ac circuits are discussed in this book. For example the ac analysis of series parallel ac circuits. The RLC components resonses and their actions in several circuit configurations.

The transients are also discussed in the analysis of electrical circuits. Various switching questions based on ac are explained in fine detail for the students. Hence for electrical analysis of circuits this book is the best book for students to get exposure and introduction.

For electrical synthesis this book provides the chapters on electrical circuit synthesis problems. The filter circuits implementation and their different types are discussed in detail.

The "Network Analysis and Synthesis" by D Roy Choudhary book covers all the basic concepts and advanced concepts. Hence our review for the book is positive. Students f electrical and electronics engineering streams can buy this book or tale one copy from the library. Start reading this book for network analysis and synthesis subject. You will not regret.
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