Modern Digital Electronics by r.p.jain (ebook, pdf, download)

Modern digital electronics by R.P.Jain pdf is a book which discusses the advanced concepts of digital electronics. It is not basic digital electronics book. The chapters which are included in this book are of mid to high levels.

Digital electronics by RP Jain book ebook is not available for purchase on the major online book selling sites. So, it is not possible to download pdf or ebook.

You can also download the book:
Digital Electronics by Morris Mano Pdf

Few topics that are included in this book are:

CMOS Logic, CPLD and FPGAs, Edge triggered flip flops, semiconductor memores like SRAM and DRAM, Flash Memories, Error detecting and correcting codes.

Publisher of the book is Tata McGraw Hill Education.

ISBN-13 is 9780070669116

Cost of book is around Rs. 495/- but after discounts it can be bought at the price of up to Rs 363/-.
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