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Whenever you prepare for deciding your goal in life, competitive exams often come as obstructions between your dreams to achieve your goal. Many questions arise in our mind like, How to prepare for competitive exams? What about online competitive exams? general knowledge (gk) for competitive exams? english preparation for exam? All these questions make our roads full of pot holes, making our journey hard to reach the destination.
I often feel the same to the views which I written above. Do you agree with me? I hope yes, every student is not a topper. Now the question arises that what are the tips, tricks and solutions to solve this problem. The whole topic is How to prepare for competitive exams?

I think the answer is very hard to get. Solution for every person is little different. Because we are different that is why the solutions are also different for all of us. Wait don't get disheartened, we still have some common wires between us. The common mistakes that we commit can be clarified. This will make us little optimistic in two ways. First is the mistakes that we are performing is a general problem and everyone is suffering from. Second the mistake can be corrected by seeing the results of others.

I call my strategy for preparation of competitive exams a discipline army training. Let me discuss some tips for competitive exam preparation tips with you. These are not new techniques, we know these things but we forget about them. We ignore them and I am just reminding you the basic rules. You are welcome to correct me if you have different thought process. You can always comment at the bottom of the post. Ok, back to the topic, tips for cracking competitive exams:


How to prepare for competitive exams Tip 1: Maintain discipline:

Foremost important step towards success in competitive exams preparation is to maintain discipline in your preparation. Never take loose steps like "I will cover this topic tomorrow, let me watch television", this attitude is not going to work. Once you decided to complete the topic than you must complete it.

How to prepare for competitive exam Tip 2: Be smart:

Nobody wants a hard laborer person like a donkey. Everyone wants to be smart. Try to be smart, prepare for competitive exams from the best resources you can achieve. You can join a coaching institute or take their material for studies. Use of internet is also a good idea unless you get distracted. Don't get distracted by the internet fun sites. You got my meaning, I hope so. Online preparation for competitive exams can be the helpful idea for you.

How to prepare for competitive exams Tip 3: Previous papers:

Always try to solve previous year sample papers. You can also join mock test series. This will keep you on track. You will maintain a habit of facing exam environment. Time taken for solving competitive exams will also get reduced by test series. You will gain experience by giving tests.

How to prepare for competitive exams Tip 4: Read the success story:

Read about the persons who succeeded well in the exams. Dream big think that you can also perform like them or you can even perform better that. Competitive exams often make students nervous. You need to get rid of the nervousness. Be clam and take challenges to perform better than the previous attempts.

How to prepare for competitive exams Tip 5: Confidence Build up:

Competitive exams success rate is highly dependent on the confidence. If you know your enemy, I mean if you know the questions you can knock them out in single punch. Know your opponent, develop faith in you and make a smart strategy. Once you come up with strategy implement it.

The tips for competitive exams preparation that I have discussed here are not rocket engineering. You see I told you earlier I am not telling anything new. It is just like a reminder of things that you already knew. Here I just told you about the discipline habits. Don't waste time, do smart work. Go through previous papers and give tests to get known to the exam. Finally I gave tips to increase the moral. My dear friend if your confidence is low than it is very hard to prepare. Have faith and confidence in you. 

These are some basic tricks and tips that I want to remind you. I hope you liked some points from my article "How to prepare for competitive exams? tips". I want you people to give me more suggestions. Feel free to give your point of view in the comments. Comments can be given at the end of the article, below the post. Write your views and let this topic more helpful for the readers to discuss the tips.

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