Final Year electronics project based on 8051 microcontroller:

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Final year electronics project based on 8051 microcontroller can be made on several ideas. Student familiar with programming and hardware interfacing can design good projects for their final year examinations. Several competitions on electronics projects based on microcontroller are held in the colleges. Final year electronics project ideas can be taken from the competitions also. If you are not familiar with programming and hardware interfacing than it is advisable that you take help from a person who makes the projects. In India every major city where several engineering colleges are located can find out a person in local market who can make project for you.

Why 8051 based microcontroller projects?

Answer is because they are cheap and easily available component parts in the market.
The basic motive of the final year electronics engineering projects based on microcontrollers is to give you the knowledge base of programming and hardware interface problems. Several microcontrollers are available in the market from different manufacturers. Fianl year electronics project based on 8051 microcontroller are the popular choice among the engineering students.

Final year projects for electronics engineering:

List provided below can be used for electrical engineering final year projects also. Final year projects for electronics engineering student can be chosen in the field of communication, embedded, analog, digital circuit based etc. The main components chosen for projects should be cheap and easily available in the market for making successful projects. Topics for engineering projects is not easy to find, here we have provided project ideas based on 8051 microcontroller.



List of Final Year electronics project based on 8051 microcontroller are:


1.      quiz buzzer

2.      visitor counter

3.      clap counter

4.      countdown timmer

5.      digital thermometer

6.      clock

7.      distance measuerement infrared sensor

8.      electronic code lock

9.      electronic voting machine

10.  control stepper motor

11.  interface leds

12.  interface gps with microcontroller

13.  liquid water level indicator

14.  toll plaza system using RFID

15.  servo motor control

16.  telephone caller ID

17.  serial interface with computer

18.  IC tester

19.  RFID attendance system

20.  solar pannel movable

21.  cell phone operated land rover

22.  heart rate meter

23.  industrial timmer

24.  tachometer

25.  DC motor speed control

26.  Token number display

27.  wieght measurement

28.  triggering circuit for SCR

29.  speed checker for highways

30.  low cost inverter

31.  laser based communication link

32.  wireless communication

33.  blind stick distance beeper

34.  emergeny light controller

35.  UPS

36.  seven segment display unit
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