Electrical Circuit Analysis/ Network Theory in Electronics Basics (Notes, Pdf)

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Why electrical network theory is important? What is network theory in electronics? Do you encounter such questions in your mind? If yes, than you should read this article further

Network theory in electronics

Network theory in electronics is a very important subject in the field of electrical circuit analysis. Network analysis is essential and necessary for the design of electrical circuits. Various network theorems are discovered over the period of time to develop the methods to quickly solve the electrical network problems.
Network theory in electronics notes the essential elements role in electrical circuit. Elements in electrical circuits are resistors, capacitors and inductors. How these components are going to react with respect to current and voltage gives the essential working of the electrical circuit.

When we eat we get energy, when we get hurt we feel the pain. It means for every action there is a response that we are producing. Similarly electrical circuits react, we provide electrical voltage and current to the circuit, it gives back responses. At the output of electrical network you can get the output. But what is the output? How electrical circuit is going to react, it depends on the construction of electrical circuit or network. Every electrical circuit is different and hence their output responses are different. Electrical circuit or electrical networks are different because different elements (resistors, capacitors and inductors) are connected in different configuration.

In this article I am just giving you the overview that what is network analysis in electrical network theory. You can read my other articles which can give you detailed implementation of network theorems in electronics network theory. Some of the network theorems in electronics that I have discussed in my blog are given below.

The network theorems used in electrical circuits for the network analysis are:

Electrical Circuit Analysis/ Network Theor
Nodal Analysis

Millman Theorem

The application and working of these theorems are explained in our other articles. If you want to read more about the network theorems in electrical circuit, click the links provided in the related posts. Related posts are given at the bottom of this article. 

Electrical Network Theorems Application in Network Analysis:

Electronics and electrical circuit analysis needs the application of these theorems. Network analysis and synthesis steps also uses the above said network theorems. The foundation of electrical network analysis and synthesis is based on the network theorems. Students in engineering studies study the subject named basic circuit theory. In basic circuit theory, it is taught that how to use network theorems. Several steps are involved in the solution of network theorems. You can study one by one in our articles.

Network Analysis and Synthesis

We have used this term several times in this article. What is the meaning of this term?

Network analysis is used when you have a circuit already made up and you need to analyse how it is going to respond to the input electrical signals or supply.

Network Synthesis is the process in which you synthesis or make the circuit based on the constraints given to you. You make the circuit; the process of making electrical circuit is network synthesis.

Resources to learn

Resources for the learning of electrical theorems can be taken from books, internet and classes. Electrical network theorems pdf, network theory in electronics pdf can be downloaded from the internet.

What is the best practice to learn the network theory in electronics?

You must first read the statements of the theorems. In the second step you should learn how the applications of the network theorems are done on the circuit. In third step, you should try to solve electrical circuit yourself from the problems provided in the end of the chapter.

I hope you have got the brief idea of network theory in electronics, network analysis and synthesis and network theorems. For further detailed implementation of network theory in electronics you can read my other article on network theorems. At the end of this article, I have provided the related post link, from where you can read further.
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