basic electronics interview questions and answers for freshers

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basic electronics interview questions and answers for freshers

Questions from basic electronics are:

Que1: What do you mean by energy band gaps in semiconductor?
Ans: Hint: Energy level band diagrams of semiconductor materials. Define the energy level of electrons.

Que2: What is a pn junction diode?
Ans: Hint: The diode formed by the combination of p type and n type materials.

Que3: What is p type and n type semiconductor material?
Ans: Hint: Semiconductor formed by doping p type and n type impurity.

Que4: What do you mean by intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor?
Ans: Hint: Pure semiconductor is intrinsic and semiconductor formed by doping impurity is extrinsic semiconductor.

Que5: What do you mean by doping?
Ans: Hint: The introduction of impurity in pure semiconductor to increase conductivity.

Que6: What is pn junction diode?
Ans: Hint: The semiconductor diode formed by the p type and n type semiconductors.

Que7: what do you mean by forward bias and reverse bias pn junction?
Ans: Hint: When p type is connected to positive terminal and n type connected to negative terminal, than the pn junction is said to be forward biased.

Que8: What is minority and majority charge carriers in semiconductors?
Ans: Hint: In p type material the holes are majority charge carriers and electrons are minority charge carriers.

Que9: What is a rectifier?
Ans: Hint: A rectifier is used to convert ac into dc.

Que10: What is break in voltage in diodes?
Ans: Hint: The diode when starts to conduct in forward bias that point in forward voltage is known as breakdown voltage.

Que11: What do you mean by drift current and diffusion current?
Ans: Hint: The current flow in semiconductor takes place by two phenomenons they are drift current and diffusion current. The drift current takes place by the applied voltage difference and diffusion current flow take place due to difference in material charge concentration. Current carrier flows from higher concentration to lower concentration.

Que12: What do you mean by gates in digital electronics?
Ans12: Hint: The gates in digital electronics are AND, OR and NOT gates. Other gates are EX-OR, NAND, NOR etc. The gates in digital electronics are used for the synthesis of digital functions.

Que13: What is biasing in electronic devices?
Ans13: Hint: Biasing is provided so that the devices can function properly. To make devices work in forward bias the biasing is provided in the form of external DC voltage.

Que14: What do you mean by electronic communications?
Ans: Hint: The electronic communication is achieved by the AM, FM and PM communications. These modulation techniques can be used to provide long distance communications.

Que15: What do you mean by transistors?
Ans: Hint: The transistors in electronics are made up of BJT and MOSFETS. Bipolar junction transistor works by the two majorities charge carriers i.e. electrons and holes. MOSFETs are uni-polar devices.
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