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Basic electrical engineering interview questions are based around some important topics of electrical engineering. In the types provided below I have classified the major types on the basis of major portions of basic electrical engineering. Following are the types for interview questions in electrical engineering:
 Type 1:

Questions based on theorems are very important. Main theorems discussed are star to delta and delta to star conversion, Thevenins theoem, Norton theorem, Superposition theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem, Millman's theorem. Try to solve all the questions and numerical from the text book. Theorems based questions can be prepared by solving theorems and special cases.

Type 2:

AC circuits are very important. Several questions on resonance are asked from this topic. Questions from the ac circuits include questions from the rms value, maximum value and average value numerical. Phasor drawing and power factor improvement questions are also asked. Relative power, apparent power and real power difference is also asked. Impedance triangle, Power triangle are needed to be solved for the numerical.

Type 3:

Transformers are very basic important part of electrical engineering.Transformers include questioning from the construction and working. Phasor diagram for its functioning is also asked. It also includes drawing and solving questions based on equivalent circuit of transformers. Open circuit test and short circuit test is one of the topic. Topics from efficiency of Transformers also have good chance of coming in the exams.

Type 4:

Our all daily life is dependent on machines. So, the questions are asked from this part very frequently. For example in one of my interview, I was randomly asked a question that what type of motor is used in the fan. Electrical machines unit mainly include includes introduction to the machines namely motors and generators. It includes all types of them that are DC generator and DC motor. AC generators and AC motors, Inductions motors questions are also asked frequently. Construction, working, numerical on different types, starting methods, efficiency are some of the important topics.

By focusing your preparation on these areas, you can increase your chances of successfully cracking the interview. Electrical engineering interview questions are wide but dividing in blocks makes it easier to remember. If you have any questions than you can write in the comments section below.  
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