Seminar Topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering Ideas

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List of electronics and communication engineering seminar topics for,, BE etc
Electronics and communication engineering covers wide area of technology and hence different seminar topics can be taken for presentations. Seminar topics for electronics and communication engineering ppts, presentations and thesis are important for good scoring.-->

Optical Seminar Projects Topics:
These projects are based on optical components like LEDs, optical fibers, optical receivers like photo diode and transistors.
Data packet communication through optical fiber
Analog voice communication through optical fibers

 Analog Electronics Seminar Projects Topics:
These projects include the analog electronics designs.
Amplifier designing
Filter designing
Transmitter receiver designing
Analog and digital communication
Radio controller switches

Microwave Radar engineering Seminar projects Topics:
These include construction of project using microwave components. These can be high cost projects.
A radar model development
Microwave antenna designing
High frequency amplifier filter designing

Microcontroller based Seminar projects Topics:
These projects are based on microcontrollers like Atmel 89S52 etc. The microcontroller projects include software as well as hardware knowledge. These project are highly used in engineering degree projects.
Microcontroller based distance measurement
Speed checker for highways

Automatic speed controller

Toll booth and parking management systems
Smart cards for company work places
Identification process
Product identification on conveyer belt

Electromechanical Seminar Projects Topics:
These include projects which have electrical machines like motors and electronics components as well.
Drive shaft control using electronic controllers
Automatic speed control of fan
Automatic gate control
Automatic turbine control
Direction control of wind turbine

There are many seminar topics/projects that can be made in electronics and communication engineering. The main aspect is that you must include the basic principles in the seminar for the topics/projects projects. The basic must be strong for making complex projects. If you have not tried hard seminar topics/projects projects up till now so it is advisable that you take help of some pro or start building small seminar projects reports and presentations. The small topics/projects projects give you the idea and confidence.

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