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GATE 2013 is taking its pace and if you haven't started to prepare better run in hurry.
 For the people who know less about GATE let me clear out what is GATE? GATE is an examination that is given by engineering and science students to get admission in post graduation courses. It is conducted by IITs. It is a kind of objective exam. Over the time it is also seen nowadays that several PSU companies are selecting candidates for job openings by seeing the GATE percentile. So its importance is increasing from day to day.

GATE preparation tips
It is going to be conducted in February second week Sunday. So, now we are left with only almost 3 months. Now the question is that how well your studies going. I am not talking about people who have taken coaching and prepared for over one year. I am talking about people who have started to study now just to crack or qualify it.

How to prepare for GATE? I have read and heard from several people that it would be better if you confine your subject choices. That is try to prepare only 4 to 5 subjects from the given 10 subjects in the syllabus. Lesser the syllabus more will be the mastery that you can gain. Revision in the last time is also important and if you prepare limited subjects than it would be much easier to get through.

GATE preparation material: Resources that you need for the preparation of GATE examination needs the collection of your text books that you have studied in engineering. If you are going to college try to get two books of the subjects from the library that you are planning to currently prepare.  Have a MCQ book or GATE specific book which contains problems of GATE questions. Try to practice question that are similar to GATE pattern. If you are unable to find the book you need, you can buy it from the online shopping stores like,, and many more. You can read the steps to buy books online from my previous posts "How to buy book online"

One more thing that may be helpful for you is to get a test series. Several online test series/ gate mock test series are available nowadays that you can get online from the GATE coaching institutes. In these online test series you will be given tests online that may prove helpful to gauge your preparation.
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