Competitive Exams Preparation

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Competitive Exams Preparation

This specific question arises in the minds of many people who are going to give such exams. Nowadays competitive exams are present almost for every job. It is the prime requirement to get through before getting a job. In case of government jobs to private jobs, the preliminary step to sort out the people for the job is the written competitive exam. It may be of tow type subjective type or it can be objective type.

Subjective type includes question answering that requires full length answering. Meaning of this is that you need to write full answers of the given questions. The answers may range from one page to many words. This is one of the toughest types. It also has concerns about transparency because the scale for checking the copy varies from one evaluator to another.
Other type of competitive exam is the objective type. Simply one question is given and it is followed by four or five options. You need to choose the correct option. This type of test has their advantage that is why it is getting popular. The foremost advantage is the transparency; the copies can be checked on a linear scale by a machine. It means that there are less chances of corruption.


The preparation of the competition takes place from the moment you decide to sit in the examination. Let me clear that none of the above tests types are easy to prepare or pass through. Hard work and sound knowledge is essentially required for all types of methods.


follow the points given below to get good marks in exams:

  1. Try to sort out your syllabus area into three categories, easy, moderate and difficult levels.
  2. Try to cover the easy and moderate levels in a very good manner. After having full confidence steps than only you should move to difficult levels question types.
  3. Try to develop a habit of revising your previous concepts regularly otherwise you will forget the previous concepts.
  4. Also see the sample question papers or previous year papers of the exam. It will give you an idea about the question types in the examination.
  5. Divide the available time into time table which covers your whole syllabus. Let me tell you that it is very easy to make a time table for your studies but it is very difficult to follow it. That is why try to strongly follow your time table, otherwise things can go very worse.
  6. Never get into depression, try not to discuss too much as it may have negative effects also.

In last take help from teachers, experts and the people who have experience in the examination. Be cool and cover your preparation at a constant rate you will clear the examinations with good marks.

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