Electrical Technology - Viva, Interview, Exam Important Question Areas, Basic Electrical Engineering Introduction

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Electrical Technology Course Work:


Electrical Technology is a subject in engineering usually present in first and second semester. It basically gives basic introduction of electrical engineering concepts. As electronics engineer the knowledge of electrical concepts is very necessary. The subject is designed around the basic knowledge of electrical technology. It is always recommended that the course must be studied from the beginning of semester but failing to do the same students often get confused in the last hour rush during the exams that what are the most important topics to cover in short period of time. The syllabus covers basically ohms law, network theorems, single phase ac circuits, three phase ac circuits, transformers and electrical machines. The most important topics include the numerical and statements from theorems. The detailed importance and question area of from all the syllabus of Electrical Technology is discussed below.

Important questions for electrical engineering viva, exams and interviews:
 Type 1:

Questions based on theorems are very important. Main theorems discussed are star to delta and delta to star conversion, Thevenins theoem, Norton theorem, Superposition theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem, Millman's theorem. Try to solve all the questions and numerical from the text book.

Type 2:


Questions from the ac circuits include questions from the rms value, maximum value and average value numerical. Phasor drawing and power factor improvement questions are also asked. Relative power, apparent power and real power difference is also asked. Impedance triangle, Power triangle are needed to be solved for the numerical.

Type 3:

Transformers include questioning from the construction and working. Phasor diagram for its functioning is also asked. It also includes drawing and solving questions based on equivalent circuit of transformers. Open circuit test and short circuit test is one of the topic. Topics from efficiency of Transformers also have good chance of coming in the exams.

Type 4:


Electrical machines unit mainly include includes introduction to the machines namely motors and generators. It includes all types of them that are DC generator and DC motor. AC generators and AC motors, Inductions motors questions are also asked frequently. Construction, working, numerical on different types, starting methods, efficiency are some of the important topics.


There are many technology books but for the level of first and second semester of engineering books considered are Basic Electrical Technology books by Ashfaq Hussain, JB Gupta, SK Sehdev, B L Thareja etc. All of the textbooks are containing problem and numerical related to basic course work. Easy to understand written in simple English make these books helpful for students.


These are very important topics of any semester of many Universities. Electrical Technology syllabus of MDU, Rohtak closely matches to the questioning discussed above. These are the very important topic of University semester exams. Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow also includes this subject. I have taught and studied the subject and based on the experience gained by seeing and examining the University papers I have come to this conclusion. Latest electrical concepts are present in the coursework of higher classes. Queries are welcome ask them in the comment part and I will try to give solution to your problems.

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